Andy Phillips – Bio and Wine History

Andy Phillips grew up in Ashland. At the time, the primary industries were logging and farming, with a focus on pears, not wine. The college (SOU) was also an important part of the community. OSF had a small, almost cult following, and in the early 70s it expanded its season, which had a significant impact on the town.

Andy’s first experience in the world of wine was during his time at the Hungry Woodsman restaurant in Medford. He started as a waiter in 1980 and still remembers the first Southern Oregon wine that caught his attention – a 1978 Hillcrest Riesling from the Umpqua Valley. The vines were already 17 years old and it made quite an impression.


Meet Mixologist Tiffney Allen

Tiffney Allen is currently the bar keeper at Ostra's Tapas and Bottle Shop in downtown Ashland. With constant inspiration from a talented group of chefs' and a dedicated staff, she has put together an inventive bar program with unique classics and whimsical, culinary-driven originals. You can always find distinctive spirits, fresh herbs, spices, edible flowers, and pretty tinctures behind her bar. She is all about playful presentation and has an unpretentious approach to hospitality.


Sherry - Iconic Wines of Spain

As we continue to explore the food and wine scene of Spain we will dive deeper and deeper into the wines that are produced in and around Jerez de la Frontera, commonly known as Sherry!

On Friday, the 2nd of March, I will have a number of sherries open for those of you that are interested in exploring them with us. We will provide complimentary samples to showcase the entire spectrum of what Sherry has to offer.

Did you know about 90% of wines from the Jerez-Xeres-Sherry DO are dry and that Sherry is the most natural and common pairing with Tapas in Southern Spain?!

Come and join us as we explore and discover.

Here is a great list of 10 facts about Sherry that will open your mind and wet your appetite:

Complimentary Eliana Wines tasting on Friday, February 16

Eliana Wines is a Boutique Winery a few short minutes from down town Ashland, Oregon.

The wines are made from 100% Estate Fruit and have world class recognition from San Francisco International Wine Competition Earning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Accolades also awarded by World of Wine and Oregon Wine Experience, Gold Medal.

Eliana Reserve is elegant with fantastic body, deep rich color, and aroma. Eliana Reserve brings you flavors of Currants, Blueberries, a hint of Mocha and Roasted Coffee, married together with fine French Oak creating a spellbinding fragrance. The texture is smooth and lingers on.

Brian will taste us vertically on 3 separate vintages of his Reserve Bordeaux blends, from 2009, 2010 and 2011!

Taste and talk with Brian about what it takes to make exceptional wine right here in our neighborhood!

Simple Machine Winery pouring complimentary tasting


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