Meet Mixologist Tiffney Allen

Tiffney Allen is currently the bar keeper at Ostra's Tapas and Bottle Shop in downtown Ashland. With constant inspiration from a talented group of chefs' and a dedicated staff, she has put together an inventive bar program with unique classics and whimsical, culinary-driven originals. You can always find distinctive spirits, fresh herbs, spices, edible flowers, and pretty tinctures behind her bar. She is all about playful presentation and has an unpretentious approach to hospitality.

Tiffney grew up in West Texas and has been working in the hospitality industry since 1997. She has had the privilege of living in many incredible cities throughout her career including Austin, Dallas, Iowa City, and Miami. When she is not behind the bar, she spends her free time catching lizards and "studying" for her CSS. (and by studying she means drinking whiskey with her best friend).

She loves all types of food and spirits and spends all of her money on things like pork belly, small batch bourbon, and rose-colored glasses. She has constant wanderlust, loves her dog, listening to grimy old blues, and the smell of Old Spice cologne. She is also a hoarder of vintage glassware and animal skulls covered in glitter. She loves the fact, that on a daily basis she can dress up like a witch and make magic potions and it is perfectly acceptable behavior.

Tiffney previously was the lead bartender at Steak 954, Bar manager at Valentino Cucina Italiana, and One Door East in Ft Lauderdale and has completed Guild of Sommelier level one in 2013, and Bar Smart's Advanced, in 2016. With many years of experience in service and sales she offers a humble and professional approach to her classroom. She believes teaching the fundamentals of history and techniques make for a better experience for your future guests at the bar.

Follow her on Instagram @aunttbird


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